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What is the Halifax 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Learn about Halifax's two year fixed rate mortgage offers and how they compare with other lenders' rates from an expert SEO perspective.

What is the Halifax 2 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage?

New purchase-to-rent mortgages; term. Change the speed of the tracker from. Mortgage of 120,000 pounds sterling on a property valued at 200,000 pounds for a term of 25 years. The rate is fixed for 26 months later and then returns to the lender's variable rate of 3.59%.

Two-year fixed-rate transactions are now averaging 5.6 percent, according to Moneyfacts. But the best offers available now are heading towards 4 percent, with rates as low as 4.04 percent over a fixed term of 10 years for those with large deposits. The lender now offers a two-year fixed rate of 60 percent loan-to-value (LTV) with a £999 fee of 2.54 percent, while its five-year fixed rate at the same LTV and commission level is 2.48 percent. As of March 20, the fixed amortization of 60% of the loan-to-value (LTV) and only two-year interest will be reduced by 0.39%, from 4.97% to 4.58%.

The two-year fixed product that will only reimburse the LTV to 90% will be reduced from 5.52% to 5.18%. Borrowers should compare rates and talk to a mortgage broker and be prepared to act to guarantee a rate. According to Moneyfacts figures, the average two-year fixed rate in April of last year was 2.58 percent and the average five-year fixed rate was 2.77 percent. When looking for the best Halifax mortgage offer for your circumstances, you'll need to consider the value of the property you want to buy, how much you can offer as a deposit, and how much you can pay each month.

However, keep in mind that rates can change quickly, so it's important to compare rates and talk to a broker as soon as possible in order to find the right mortgage for you. A five-year fixed rate for a 10 percent deposit mortgage is now 4.79 percent, with a commission of 999 pounds sterling, a reduction of 0.1 percent. There is also a five-year fixed rate for a 40 percent deposit mortgage, 4.34 percent, reduced by 0.09 percent. Halifax has been providing mortgages for 150 years and was established in 1853 as the Halifax Permanent Profit Investment and Promotion Society.

This is Money's best mortgage rate calculator, developed by L&C, can show you offers that match the value of your mortgage and your property. Borrowers who need to find a mortgage because their current fixed-rate contract is coming to an end or because they have agreed to buy a home should explore their options as soon as possible. For mortgages requested before this date, the Halifax Standard Variable Rate (SVR) will apply.