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How to Get a Better Interest Rate on Your Halifax Mortgage

Learn how to get a better interest rate on your Halifax mortgage without having to pay any early repayment fees.

How to Get a Better Interest Rate on Your Halifax Mortgage

If you have three to six months left on your current fixed rate mortgage with Halifax, you can get a new rate now without having to pay any early repayment fees. You can also borrow more money at the same time if you need to. To be eligible for a product that you buy for the first time in Halifax, at least one applicant must not have previously held a mortgage or purchased property in the UK or abroad. The fastest and easiest way to check your current mortgage balance and interest rate is to log in to online banking.

If you need help, you can talk to one of our mortgage and protection counselors to discuss your options. Your mortgage counselor will analyze your needs and circumstances and see if you and anyone you are adding to the mortgage can afford the loan. We will change the interest rate on mortgages with monitoring rates effective from 1 of the month following the Bank of England exchange rate. Plus, if you're moving house and taking your current Halifax mortgage offer with you, you won't have to pay any early repayment fees. This is an annual interest rate that takes into account fees and charges to reflect the full cost of your mortgage. This is a variable rate that is above, below, or equal to the Bank of England base rate or any other rate that continues for an agreed period. Mortgage interest rates for products with commission can be significantly lower than the interest rates for products without product commission.

See the following guide for help managing your mortgage. You can get an idea of how much you could borrow and compare rates with our mortgage calculator and tools. Changes in the Bank of England's base rate may affect your mortgage payments. For example, the higher the base rate, the higher the interest rate on mortgages, but if the rate drops, you could be paying less. Your next monthly payments will change with the new interest rate on your current Halifax mortgage and on your additional loan. We'll send you a mortgage statement every year on the anniversary of the month you took out your mortgage with us.

If your current offer is valid for six months or less, you can secure a new interest rate now and choose to complete the change when the current offer expires.