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What is the Best Halifax Mortgage Rate for You?

Compare Halifax mortgage rates & fees for first-time buyers, moving houses & remortgaging. Use our free mortgage calculator & talk to a broker to find the best deal.

What is the Best Halifax Mortgage Rate for You?

Buying a home is a major financial decision, and it's important to research which mortgage to apply for before making such an important commitment. Halifax has been offering mortgages for 150 years and has a variety of products available for first-time buyers, those moving house, and those looking to remortgage. When choosing the best Halifax mortgage offer for your circumstances, you'll need to consider the value of the property you want to buy, how much you can offer as a deposit, and how much you can pay each month. It's also important to compare mortgage rates and talk to a mortgage broker to explore more options on the market or find one that fits your needs.

Halifax offers a selection of mortgage products with different rates and fees. For example, the lender now offers a two-year fixed rate of 60 percent loan-to-value (LTV) with a £999 fee of 2.54 percent, while its five-year fixed rate at the same LTV and commission level is 2.48 percent. Moneyfacts figures show that the average two-year fixed rate in April of last year was 2.58 percent and the average five-year fixed rate was 2.77 percent. It now stands at 2.86 percent and 3.01 percent, respectively.

The margin between the two rates last year was 1.23 percent, but this figure has now been reduced to 0.15 percent. To use the free mortgage calculator, simply go to the top of the page and select the type of mortgage you're looking for. For mortgages requested before this date, the Halifax Standard Variable Rate (SVR) will apply. Homebuyers should be careful not to try too hard and be prepared for the possibility that home prices will fall from their current high levels, as higher mortgage rates limit people's ability to borrow. Fixed mortgage rates in the medium and long term can help you budget and provide peace of mind during this anxious time when the cost of goods and services increases and expenses fall. If you need a mortgage, compare rates and talk to a broker as soon as possible to help you find the one that's right for you.