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Can I Get a Better Deal on My Existing Halifax Mortgage Rate?

Learn how to get a better deal on your existing Halifax mortgage rate and save hundreds of pounds in monthly payments.

Can I Get a Better Deal on My Existing Halifax Mortgage Rate?

If you have three to six months left on your current fixed rate, you can get a new rate on your current mortgage now, but you won't be able to borrow more online at the same time. If you need help, you can talk to one of our mortgage and protection counselors to discuss your options. If your current offer is valid for six months or less, you can secure a new interest rate now and choose to complete the change when the current offer expires. In that case, you will not pay any early repayment fees, but you will be guaranteed the interest rate you have agreed with us. The difference between the Halifax SVR and the rate of a “new exchange offer” product is significant, since the consequence of not changing it could mean an increase of hundreds of pounds in monthly mortgage payments.

Mortgage interest rates for products with commission can be significantly lower than the interest rates for products without product commission. Halifax offers a wide variety of mortgages, whether you're looking for a fixed-rate offer or a purchase to rent.

Halifax mortgage

prices are sometimes the most competitive in the market, but they're not looking to win business just because of the price. We can still help you exchange your mortgage product with Halifax if your credit circumstances have changed. Your customers can transfer their current Halifax mortgage to a new Halifax mortgage product, before or after their current mortgage contract ends.

Check your most recent mortgage statement or log in to online banking to see your mortgage account number. Change your mortgage rate or transfer your mortgage rate: no broker fees, just a fast mortgage transfer service from lenders like Halifax, Barclays, Birmingham Midshires, Virgin Money and Metro Bank, up 26%.Any data on mortgage savings is indicative. A regulated financial advisor will inform you about real savings and the details of the relevant mortgage products. If your Halifax mortgage contract is coming to an end or you're paying the Halifax SVR, you need to make an important decision about how to keep your mortgage payments low.

To be eligible for a product that you buy for the first time in Halifax, at least one applicant must not have previously held a mortgage or purchased property in the United Kingdom or abroad. Fixed-rate mortgages currently arranged do not rise with the Bank of England's base rate; however, the increase in BOE rates does put pressure on future fixed rates to rise. If your current Halifax mortgage is coming to an end, this is the fastest way to set up your new offer.